Blasphemous 2 – PlayStation 5

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• Non-Linear Exploration: Traverse a vast, gothic world at your own pace, filled with traps and dark charm.
• Savage Combat: Master new weapons with expanded movesets, brutal executions, and devastating combos.
• Personalized Gameplay: Customize your playstyle with skill upgrades and a variety of unique weapons.
• Epic Boss Battles: Engage in intense fights against grotesque enemies and massive bosses.
• Rich New World: Delve into a land of myths, interact with new characters, and uncover hidden secrets.


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The eagerly anticipated Blasphemous 2 continues the harrowing journey of The Penitent One. After the revelations of the original game’s Wounds of Eventide DLC, players are thrust into an enigmatic new world, where life, death, and rebirth loop endlessly. This sequel promises an even richer experience, packed with challenges and mysteries waiting to be unraveled.

Non-Linear Exploration

Embark on a Self-Directed Odyssey:

  • Wake up in an enigmatic land filled with gothic beauty.
  • Find your own path through this treacherous non-linear world.
  • Settle scores while navigating a labyrinth full of traps and dark charm.

Savage Combat System

Show No Mercy:

  • Wield new weapons with unique moves and brutal executions.
  • Unleash expanded combos to rain destruction on your enemies.

Personalized Gameplay

Customize Your Skills and Arsenal:

  • Take advantage of new ways to customize your playstyle.
  • Upgrade your base skillset to suit your approach.
  • Arm yourself with devastating new weapons for epic confrontations.

Epic Boss Battles

Face Monstrous Adversaries:

  • Confront hordes of gruesome enemies.
  • Challenge twisted bosses with unique attack patterns.
  • Put your abilities to the ultimate test in grand intense battles.

A Rich New World

Uncover Myths and Secrets:

  • Interact with a host of mysterious new NPCs.
  • Embark on quests that will take you on death-defying missions.
  • Discover stories that will help you understand the strange new world.


Specification: Blasphemous 2 – PlayStation 5

Release date

September 15, 2023

Product Dimensions

5.51 x 6.69 x 0.59 inches; 2.68 ounces

Type of item

Video Game


English, French



Item model number


Item Weight

2.68 ounces


Astragon Entertainment

Date First Available

June 23, 2023


Brand: Astragon Entertainment

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Blasphemous 2 – PlayStation 5
Blasphemous 2 – PlayStation 5

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