Battlefield 2042 (PS5)

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Original price was: $21.45.Current price is: $20.48.

• A World Transformed: Extreme weather events and resource conflicts have shifted the balance of global power in 2042.
• Vast and Dynamic Environments: Experience spectacular, large-scale war on seven massive maps.
• Cutting-Edge Arsenal: Unleash combat creativity with a full roster of cutting-edge weapons, vehicles, jets, helis, and new equipment.
• Specialists: Build cohesive squads with players that complement each other’s abilities and equipment.
• New Seasons & Content: Continuous updates and enhancements to keep the experience fresh.
• Next-Generation Warfare: Up to 128 simultaneous players on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®5, and PC. 64 player lock for Xbox One & PlayStation®4. PlayStation Plus subscription required for multiplayer access.

Original price was: $21.45.Current price is: $20.48.

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A World Transformed

Extreme Weather & Resource Conflicts: The year is 2042, and the planet is in disarray. Major climate disasters and skirmishes over dwindling resources have tipped the scales of global power, creating a new battleground for players.

Vast, Dynamic Environments

Seven Massive Maps: Experience the intensity of war on an unprecedented scale with seven expansive maps. Each environment is designed to offer a larger-than-life warfare experience, redefining what it means to engage in combat.

Cutting-Edge Arsenal

Future Warfare Unleashed: Take control of an impressive array of weapons, vehicles, jets, helicopters, and brand-new equipment all designed with the near-future technology of the year 2042 in mind. Your combat tactics are only limited by your creativity.


Strategic Squad Play: Battlefield 2042 introduces a new Specialist system. Define your role on the battlefield and build cohesive squads with players that complement each other’s abilities and equipment.

New Seasons & Content

Evolution of Battlefield: Keep your experience fresh and exciting with new content delivered through a Season system. As you and the community progress, Battlefield 2042 promises to offer continuous updates and enhancements.

Next-Generation Warfare

  • 128 Simultaneous Players: A groundbreaking development in Battlefield’s storied history, up to 128 players can now engage in combat simultaneously (supported on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®5, and PC).
  • 64 Player Lock for Xbox One & PlayStation®4: Players on previous generation consoles will experience battles capped at 64 participants.
  • PlayStation Plus Subscription: Access to the multiplayer component requires an active PlayStation Plus subscription.

Specification: Battlefield 2042 (PS5)


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Battlefield 2042 (PS5)

Original price was: $21.45.Current price is: $20.48.
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