Back 4 Blood (PS5)

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• Back 4 Blood (PS5) is a dynamic, perilous world where you fight through a 4-player co-op story campaign.
• Survive increasingly challenging missions by working together with your friends online or lead your team solo.
• Play with or against friends in PvP mode, choosing to become a cleaner with special perks or switch sides and play as the horrific ridden.
• Both sides offer unique weapons, abilities, and specialties for a diverse gameplay experience.
• The “roguelike” Card system creates different experiences each time, allowing you to craft custom builds and take on more demanding fights.


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Engage in the ultimate battle for survival in Back 4 Blood, a thrilling post-apocalyptic PS5 game where your grit will be your greatest weapon. You are the last stand in a world overrun by the Ridden – humans transformed into horrifying creatures due to a deadly parasite.

Team Up and Fight Back

  • Join forces in a 4-player co-op story campaign.
  • Work in sync with your team to combat increasingly challenging missions.
  • Opt for online teamwork or single-player mode to lead your squad into battle.

Create Your Battle Plan

  • Select from 8 customizable Cleaners – the heroes immune to the Ridden virus.
  • Arm yourself with an arsenal of potent weapons and gear.
  • Adapt your strategy with a variety of weapons and items needed to overcome the evolving Ridden threat.

Engage in Heart-Pounding PvP

  • Enter intense Player vs. Player battles, choosing your side of the conflict.
  • Play as a Cleaner with unique abilities or embrace the chaos as one of the Ridden, each with its own specialty attacks and strategies.

Experience the Innovation

  • Back 4 Blood introduces a “roguelike” Card System that revolutionizes gameplay.
  • Every session is unique, pushing you to develop new strategies and custom builds.
  • The Card System ensures that each playthrough presents fresh challenges and more intense encounters.

Prepare to reclaim the world from the clutches of the Ridden. Are you ready to embark on this heart-stopping adventure in Back 4 Blood for PS5?

Specification: Back 4 Blood (PS5)


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