Atomic Heart (PS5)

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• Utopian world, both mad and sublime
• Visceral, spectacular and unforgiving combat
• Blast giant machines and mutants using your multiple skills and advanced weapons
• Upgrade your arsenal and equipment


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The Fall of a Perfect World

Imagine a world where peace and perfection are a reality, where humans and their robotic companions coexist in harmony. That is, until an unexpected turn of events threatens to shatter this ideal society. Suspicions of a disastrous accident or perhaps a deliberate act ripple through the tranquility as the newest robot-control system stands on the brink of activation.

Rise of the Rebellion

Advances in technology and covert experiments have spawned a nightmare—mutant lifeforms, terrifying mechanical beasts, and robots endowed with immense power have turned against their masters. A rogue uprising of machines looms over humanity, and the secrets of this rebellion run deep.

Stand Alone, Fight Back

In the eye of this storm, you emerge as the sole hope against this robotic insurrection. Empowered by a prototype power glove, your task is to quell the revolt and unravel the mysteries enshrouded within this disturbed paradise. Your battlegrounds: a series of explosive encounters where survival hinges on your combat prowess.

Main Features:

  • Experience the Madness: Navigate through an utopian world gone mad, a juxtaposition of beauty and chaos.
  • Combat Redefined: Engage in visceral, intense battles that demand a blend of skill and strategy, pushing you to adapt and conquer.
  • Advanced Arsenal: Harness an array of futuristic weaponry and devices to gain the upper hand against formidable adversaries.
  • Personalized Warfare: Customize your loadout and strategically improve your capabilities to suit your combat style.

Specification: Atomic Heart (PS5)


Brand: Focus Home Interactive

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