Arkanoid: Eternal Battle (PS5)

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• Arkanoid: Eternal Battle (PS5) offers a brand-new artistic direction and surprising features, items, and powers.
• Enjoy 4 game modes, including 2 single-player modes (Neo & Retro), Local Versus, and Battle Royale.
• Experience high replay-value with the new Battle Royale mode, allowing you to play online and face opponents from around the world.
• Cross-play feature enables players using different hardware to play together.
• Compete for the highest scores with a dedicated online leaderboard in the 3 main modes (Solo Neo, Retro, and Battle Royale).
• Available in the PlayStation Games category.


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Experience Arkanoid Like Never Before

Rediscover the iconic block breaker game, Arkanoid, as it makes its grand entrance onto the PS5 platform. Known for its simplicity and progressively challenging levels, Arkanoid: Eternal Battle breathes new life into the classic with a stunning modern makeover. Players will be captivated by the nostalgic feel, refreshed with a slew of new effects, bonuses, and unexpected twists that will surely astonish even the most seasoned players.

Main Attraction: Battle Royale Mode

The cornerstone of Arkanoid: Eternal Battle is its electrifying Battle Royale mode. This innovative addition catapults the arcade sensation into the modern gaming arena, introducing an online competition where up to 25 players can vie for supremacy in real-time—bringing a whole new dimension to this beloved arcade classic.

Key Features and Game Modes

  • Stunning New Artistic Direction: Immerse yourself in a visually-upgraded Arkanoid experience.
  • Dynamic New Features: Explore unexpected items, powers and features that will test your block-breaking prowess.
  • Multiple Game Modes: Dive into 4 different game modes, including:
    • 2 single-player Modes (Neo & Retro)
    • Local Versus for intense, couch-based battles
    • The groundbreaking Battle Royale mode
  • High Replay Value: Challenge the world in Battle Royale mode for endless gameplay possibilities.
  • Cross-Play Capability: Engage with a broader community as the cross-play feature enables users across different platforms to compete together.
  • Dedicated Online Leaderboard: Showcase your high scores and climb ranks in the 3 main modes (Solo Neo, Retro, and Battle Royale).

Specification: Arkanoid: Eternal Battle (PS5)


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Arkanoid: Eternal Battle (PS5)
Arkanoid: Eternal Battle (PS5)

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