Arashi Castles of Sin (PS4) (PS4)

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• Step into the role of Kenshiro, a skilled ninja on a quest for justice in feudal Japan.
• Utilize stealth tactics to remain undetected and eliminate enemies from the shadows.
• Master the art of scaling rooftops and executing high-altitude attacks.
• Wield a variety of authentic Japanese weapons from the feudal era.
• Command your wolf companion, Haru, to assist in your stealth missions.
• Engage in a story of political intrigue and personal revenge.
• Includes a digital artbook and soundtrack for a deeper experience.


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Step into the shoes of Kenshiro, the last surviving son of the noble House Arashi. Embrace the role of a shinobi on a perilous mission to undo the chaos that has fallen upon your homeland. In the gripping world of Arashi Castles of Sin, you will navigate through the treacherous landscape of feudal Japan, now ensnared in a dark and ominous conspiracy.

Confront the Six Oni of Iga

Face off against formidable adversaries – the Six Oni of Iga. These ruthless bandits have overtaken castles across the nation, creating a reign of terror. Your duty as Kenshiro is clear: to liberate these strongholds and eliminate the vileness that these despots represent.

The Companions by Your Side

  • Ayane: Your cousin and guide on this journey, offering insights and support.
  • Haru: Your loyal wolf companion, whose instincts are vital for your survival and success.

Become the Ninja You Are Destined to Be

  • Master the art of invisibility and move like a shadow to stealthily defeat your enemies.
  • Execute acrobatic feats by scaling rooftops and climbing to vantage points for a strategic advantage.
  • Harness the power of gravity by repelling down structures to orchestrate precise, surprise attacks from above.
  • Assemble an arsenal that reflects the time-honored weaponry of the feudal era.
  • Engage with a dramatic narrative loomed with political intrigue and driven by the theme of revenge.

Exclusive Retail Version Bonuses

This special retail edition of Arashi Castles of Sin is enriched with exclusive digital treasures:

  • Digital Artbook: Immerse yourself in beautifully crafted illustrations that bring the story and its characters to life.
  • Digital Soundtrack: Experience the haunting and immersive soundtrack that echoes the essence of feudal Japan.

Prepare for a journey that will test your resolve and your blade. The path to restoring peace is fraught with dangers, but for the noble shinobi, duty calls with a whisper of the wind and the howl of a wolf.

Specification: Arashi Castles of Sin (PS4) (PS4)


Brand: Perp

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Arashi Castles of Sin (PS4) (PS4)
Arashi Castles of Sin (PS4) (PS4)

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