Among Us: Crewmate Edition (PS5)

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• Life as a Crewmate: Complete tasks, report bodies, and vote out Impostors
• Play as an Impostor: Cause chaos, frame innocents, and eliminate Crewmates
• Customization: Choose colors, outfits, hats, and adjust game settings
• Cross-platform: Play with friends on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC, Android, and iOS
• Retail Exclusive: Includes exclusive downloadable content at launch


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Join the Interstellar Adventure

Embark on an epic journey with your crewmates in Among Us: Crewmate Edition for the PS5. Prepare for a riveting multiplayer experience of collaboration mixed with deception, where your own teammates could turn out to be alien impostors aiming to thwart your mission. Trust no one as you work to keep your spaceship intact and journey back to civilization.

The Impostor Threat

Among your diligent crewmembers lurk Impostors, shapeshifters with a sinister agenda. Their mission is to sabotage the ship, use the vents to move undetected, deceive fellow crewmates, and eliminate the crew one by one. Will you identify the Impostors before it’s too late?

Intense Gameplay

  • Complete Tasks in Silence: Focus on your duties until chaos erupts with the first attack by an Impostor.
  • Debate and Eject Suspects: When the alarm is sounded, discuss with the remaining crew to deduce and potentially eject the accused Impostor.
  • Continue or Celebrate: If the threat persists after the vote, the quest for survival continues. Otherwise, celebrate the elimination of the threat and victory for the crew.

Edition Content

Among Us: Crewmate Edition comes packed with content and bonuses:

  • The base game and all DLC items.
  • Exclusive Skins: Airship, Polus, and MIRA HQ.
  • Adorable Pet Bundles: Hamster, Bedcrab, Brainslug, Stickmin, and Mini Crewmate.
  • Retail Exclusive Downloadable Content.
  • Unique 3D Lenticular Case and other incredible merchandise.
  • A Redeemable Code for 6 exciting PC/Phone Wallpapers.
  • Note: Internet Connection Required to play.

The Crewmate Experience

  • Complete vital tasks and be vigilant to survive.
  • Encounter dead bodies, report them, and hold emergency meetings.
  • Vote wisely to eliminate the Impostors and secure victory.

Master the Role of an Impostor

  • Create disarray, remain unseen, and frame innocents.
  • Achieve success by outsmarting and eliminating Crewmates.

Customised Gameplay

Personalise every aspect of your game:

  • More impostors, more tasks, and options to alter game visibility.
  • Show off your style with customizable colours, outfits, and hats.

Cross-Platform Capabilities

Connect with friends across various platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, Android, and iOS. Make alliances or bluff your way to survival regardless of the platform.

Exclusive Retail Content

Gain access to exclusive downloadable content at game launch, only available with the retail version.

Specification: Among Us: Crewmate Edition (PS5)


Brand: Maximum Games

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Among Us: Crewmate Edition (PS5)
Among Us: Crewmate Edition (PS5)

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