Air Twister — Nintendo Switch

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RETURN OF THE LEGEND: Dive into the creative mind of the arcade behemoth, Yu Suzuki, renowned for Space Harrier and the Shenmue Series!
FULL OF SURPRISES: 12 artfully crafted stages with unique and new experiences each time you play. Embark on a fantastic journey, resembling that of Alice down the rabbit hole.
ENEMIES & SKILLS: Over 20 Vanguard creatures and 10 unique bosses to challenge your skills and simple controls for a fun and easy play experience.


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Enter the World of Air Twister

Embark on a thrilling adventure in Air Twister, a riveting rail shooter crafted by the visionary arcade developer Yu Suzuki. This game invites players into an epic battle where they step into the shoes of Princess Arch. Her mission is to safeguard her home realm, AIR, from an overwhelming assault by an entity known as Vanguard.

Suzuki’s Legacy Continues

RETURN OF THE LEGEND: Drawing upon the creative prowess that brought us classics like the Space Harrier series and the Shenmue Series, Yu Suzuki returns to captivate fans and newcomers alike.

Always a New Adventure

FULL OF SURPRISES: Players will enjoy a dynamic gaming experience through 12 beautifully designed stages. Each run brings something new, reminiscent of Alice’s descent into the rabbit hole.

Vanquish the Vanguard

  • ENEMIES & SKILLS: Take on over 20 Vanguard creatures and 10 distinctive bosses that put your reflexes to the test. Experience an accessible playstyle with simple controls tailored for an enjoyable experience.
  • EPIC MUSIC: Be uplifted by the stirring rock-opera soundtrack by Valensia, a celebrated Dutch composer who has masterfully preserved the legacy of Queen’s most iconic hits for over three decades.
  • PLAY AGAIN AND AGAIN: Discover remarkable replay value by unlocking various Challenge Games on the Adventure Map. Explore different modes like Arcade, Turbo, Boss Rush, and more, ensuring each playthrough feels fresh and engaging.

In your quest to defend AIR, you’ll never be alone; your loyal winged mounts and a potent homing missile-shooting crossbow are at your disposal. Wield an array of power-ups and special moves, each unlocked after every run, to triumph over the invaders.

Key Features and Excitement

Dive into the aesthetic beauty of the worlds you traverse, enhanced by gripping gameplay and an eclectic, emotion-evoking soundtrack. Air Twister is more than just a game; it’s a full-blown rock-opera experience in the sky.

Specification: Air Twister — Nintendo Switch

Release date

December 8, 2023

Product Dimensions

0.42 x 6.63 x 4.02 inches; 1.92 ounces

Type of item

Video Game




Everyone 10plus

Item Weight

1.92 ounces



Country of Origin


Date First Available

July 24, 2023


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Air Twister — Nintendo Switch
Air Twister — Nintendo Switch

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