Air missions Hind (PS4)

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• Experience the power of the Mi-24 Hind, the “Flying Tank,” in an immersive combat flight simulator.
• Engage in intense Singleplayer missions or team up in Multiplayer modes including Deathmatch and Online Co-op.
• Explore diverse battlefields across Central Asia, Eastern Europe, the Arctic Ocean, and Southeast Asia.
• Customize your helicopter with an arsenal of weapons like UPK 23 machineguns, GUV gun pods, FAB bombs, and missiles.
• Master flying with three helicopter control difficulty levels, catering to both novices and experienced pilots.


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Prepare to climb into the cockpit of the fearsome Russian Mi-24 Hind assault helicopter, also known by its formidable nickname, “The Flying Tank”. As you take to the skies, Air Missions: HIND will test your combat skills to the limits, both in the solitary depths of Singleplayer mode and the competitive realms of online Multiplayer.

Main Features:

  • Intense Aerial Combat: Become the ultimate pilot of the Mi-24 Hind assault helicopter, a perfect blend of agility and firepower.
  • Singleplayer & Multiplayer Modes: Dive into the heat of battle alone or team up with others in thrilling game modes like Deathmatch, Instant Action, and Online Co-op.
  • Diverse Battlefields: Explore and dominate the skies over various parts of the world including Central Asia, Eastern Europe, the Arctic Ocean, and Southeast Asia.
  • Armament Variety: Customize your helicopter with a range of destructive weaponry, from UPK 23 machineguns and GUV gun pods to FAB bombs and various guided missiles.
  • Control Mastery: Perfect your piloting prowess with three different helicopter control difficulty levels, catering to both novices and experienced veterans.

Unleash Your Firepower

The game equips you with an arsenal capable of turning the tide of war. Utilize an array of devastating weapons and missiles to execute precise maneuvers and strikes against your adversaries. The sky is your battlefield, and victory is at the tips of your fingers.

Master the Skies

Whether you’re engaging in a solitary mission behind enemy lines or coordinating with comrades in multiplayer clashes, mastering the robust control systems is key to survival and success. With difficulty levels that can be adjusted, pilots of all skill levels can enjoy the thrill of aviation combat.

Are you ready to take off?

Ascend to the heights of aerial warfare and experience the rush of commanding one of the most formidable helicopters ever built. Air Missions: HIND is your ticket to high-octane action above the clouds.

Specification: Air missions Hind (PS4)

Release date

September 28, 2018

Product Dimensions

0.67 x 0.04 x 0.55 inches; 2.82 ounces

Type of item

Video Game





Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Item Weight

2.82 ounces



Date First Available

September 17, 2018


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