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drifter369 ( on 31/8/15 )
Lol Amy. Don't worry you're still the best! ;)
drifter369 ( on 31/8/15 )
Lol momofone69. Apparently you have an idea of what you consider fun ;)
momofone69 ( on 31/8/15 )
Oh i have an idea of what I like for fun for sure! I get the idea every time I look at your profile ;)Which is quite frequently lol. xo
drifter369 ( on 1/9/15 )
Well then. Maybe you should enlighten me about these ideas you get ;)
momofone69 ( on 2/9/15 )
I would love to sometime.You know how to reach me if you want to know ;)
Amy1100 ( on 4/9/15 )
OOOOOOOOO this is going to be good have fun you 2
drifter369 ( on 4/9/15 )
Lol. It might be more fun with all three of us lol. Or it would be for me anyway haha.
momofone69 ( on 4/9/15 )
Maybe Amy secretly likes you? LOL. But with a big beautiful package like that it's kind of hard not to ;)
drifter369 ( on 4/9/15 )
Lol I doubt that. But apparently you do or at least a part of me haha.
Amy1100 ( on 6/9/15 )
Wait for a minute how did you know momofone69? And second idk
drifter369 ( on 7/9/15 )
Huh? How did she know what? Lol. And what don't you know Amy?
Amy1100 ( on 7/9/15 )
drifter369 ( on 7/9/15 )
I was just playing around lol. But that is a good question for momofone69.
Amy1100 ( on 7/9/15 )
Well I do kinda have a crush on you. fuck I let it slip damn it
momofone69 ( on 7/9/15 )
Haha. I told you drifter. The way you two reply to each others comments on here is what made me come to that conclusion. haha :)
drifter369 ( on 7/9/15 )
Well then, I am very flattered! ;)
momofone69 ( on 11/9/15 )
So drifter, I'm curious. Does the rest of you look as good as what you're packing in your pants? ;)
momofone69 ( on 13/9/15 )
Wow nice pic hun! When you get bored sith him Amy feel free to send him my way haha.
drifter369 ( on 13/9/15 )
Lol Julie. I guess you'd have to decide for yourself. ;)

And thank you. Technically Amy only has a crush but if she's like other women; she's not going to get bored anytime soon. Lol but then again those women actually slept with me. ;)
momofone69 ( on 15/9/15 )
I bet they all enjoyed themselves! Feel free to message me sometime if you'd like to know each other better! ;)
msbitch2u ( on 18/9/15 )
Hi Gabe! :)
Amy1100 ( on 20/9/15 )
Sorry im back what did I miss?
drifter369 ( on 21/9/15 )
Hey msbitch how are you?
drifter369 ( on 21/9/15 )
Welcome back Amy! I don't think you missed too much. I missed you though ;)
momofone69 ( on 21/9/15 )
Hey Gabe! Why did you change your pic? I'm kind of fond of that pic you had, you know. ;-)
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