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laura234 ( on 24/7/19 )
anyone a lesbian
WeirdoGirl ( on 28/7/19 )
anyone a lesbian

By laura234

Laura, this is for suggestions and feedback, not for you asking if anybody is Lesbian :/
Daddysprincess ( on 30/7/19 )
It can be used as she please but I don’t think she’s a lesbian when she’s fucking around with billy
laura234 ( on 30/7/19 )
things have changed with me and him
WeirdoGirl ( on 31/7/19 )
How? Billy, is a basic fuckboy :/....
laura234 ( on 31/7/19 )
it just has OK!
WeirdoGirl ( on 31/7/19 )
Mkay then :/ she coughs

Updated on 31/7/19 by WeirdoGirl
laura234 ( on 1/8/19 )
WeirdoGirl ( on 2/8/19 )
laura234 ( on 2/8/19 )
WeirdoGirl ( on 2/8/19 )
I could be a real smartass right now...
laura234 ( on 2/8/19 )
fuck off u slag!
Daddysprincess ( on 2/8/19 )
You don’t change sexuality like that. You are either a lesbian, bi or just a fucking liar seeking attention. So who’s really the slag here?
WeirdoGirl ( on 3/8/19 )
XD, Laura DM'ed me saying she liked me
FUCKMEIMBI ( on 3/8/19 )
yo lesbian right here
laura234 ( on 3/8/19 )
im a lesbo
laura234 ( on 3/8/19 )
get over it!
WeirdoGirl ( on 3/8/19 )
laura234 ( on 3/8/19 )
WeirdoGirl ( on 3/8/19 )
Your calling me the names you are :/ Dumbass...
laura234 ( on 3/8/19 )
i dont fucking care weirdo!!!!!
Daddysprincess ( on 4/8/19 )
im a lesbo

By laura234

Lolz fake lesbian alert! Attention seeking whore! If you were a lesbian you wouldn’t be fucking around with billy, so try again hunnie. XD
laura234 ( on 4/8/19 )
he was forcing me to like him
Hardy11115 ( on 5/8/19 )
Not all guys are the same and psychological abuse can happend everywhere. Stay opend minded and give always a sceond chance, otherwise you are not diffrent like the abousers.
By the way:
Homosexual behaivor due psychological harm. Is somethign you shouldn't accept just because its the easiest way.
I'd recommend you to stay out of sexual things untill you are old enough to have a clean mind.
I was confussed too once but I said to myself fuck it I'll have sex when I'm 14 and all this sex stuff isn't so interesting if you never had the pleasure to feel it pulsating anyway.
laura234 ( on 5/8/19 )
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