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aaaaaaak ( on 13/6/19 )
the great deppression here is the fact that many of people have left so suddenly that the chat is dead 24/7. So we must just face this fact wait for this to blow over. plus tell billy hes a bitch beacuse he is for all we know he could be the reason why.
billyBIGboy ( on 13/6/19 )
aaaaaaak your the real reason THE GREAT DEPRESSION HAS STARTED my young apprentice
Rasuchaa ( on 14/6/19 )
Agree with you, aaaaaaak. He is likely to be one of the reasons.
billyBIGboy ( on 14/6/19 )
Rasuchaa i disagree with you i am not the reason TBH !!!
Rasuchaa ( on 14/6/19 )
No one asking for your TBH.
aaaaaaak ( on 16/6/19 )
rasuchaa vs billy fight
Rasuchaa ( on 18/6/19 )
It's pointless to fight a junk.
aaaaaaak ( on 6/8/19 )

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