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crank ( on 3/7/18 )
I can't find that hot girl who stay with me it's true i kiss some girls but i'll never see a pussy on reality or have sex i know you look that funny xD that's all
Hardy11115 ( on 3/7/18 )
I hate beeing a date doctor but I'll help you -_-
First of all get this negative attitude out of your head pls.
But now let be real. You got 3 main methodes to get a girl seduce ( the most annoying way on earth) and to seduce someone you have to show her nonverbal that you wanna have more. Hand on her tight and carress is a must! and the other hand move to her neck and from there on slide slowly down while kissing till you reach her ass and knead it. After this ask her for more.
Second method is my fav the asshole move. You just talk and kiss with her and grab her at the ass and knead it like a nice dough and while you do it you go slowly to her pussy if she didn't reject knead her ass while rubbing her pussy through the pants. After this ask her for more.
Third way is the grop. Slap that bitches ass motherf*cker. After this ask her for more.

Just don't knead too much and hard. You have to be in the rythem with the kiss. If the kiss get intenser you knead otherwise just gently but strong grabing her ass.

Updated on 3/7/18 by Hardy11115
crank ( on 3/7/18 )
-_- -_-
crank ( on 3/7/18 )
You'r good dude !! Thanks
Hardy11115 ( on 3/7/18 )
I just keep everything easy... Tbh to go complicated is to complicated for me -_-
crank ( on 3/7/18 )
How ?
Hardy11115 ( on 3/7/18 )
Ah fuck I forgot something crank...
crank ( on 3/7/18 )
What is it
Hardy11115 ( on 3/7/18 )
How shall I explain this... you can wait till she makes the first nonverbal move like open legs, blushes, lean with micro movment to you or a sweet lovly smile when your eyes are catcheing. and then leans slowly to her take her cheek and push her gently to your mouth fr a short kiss while your otherhand slides to her tight to caress her cheek and her tight.
But Girls aren't quatum physics or rocket sience.

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