Okinawa Rush (PS4)

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• Custom-designed fighting engine with character-specific moves
• Weapon-based combat featuring swords, nunchakus, and staffs
• Engaging narrative with pixel-art cutscenes
• Diverse enemy types with unique abilities and weapons
• Challenging boss fights requiring skill and strategy
• Advanced parrying system to counter attacks, projectiles, and traps
• Global leaderboards for competitive high score tracking
• Hidden areas and secrets to uncover throughout the game
• Local 2-player co-op with healing mechanics
• Arcade Mode for immediate action-packed gameplay


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Embark on a Martial Arts Journey: Assume the identity of a skilled martial artist—choose between heroes Hiro, Meilin, or Shin. Stand against an onslaught of ninjas, demons, and more as you fight for survival against the nefarious Black Mantis clan.

Dive Into the Fray with a Friend

  • Local 2-player co-op gameplay
  • Amplify the adventure and mayhem with a companion

Dynamic Combat System

Fight with fluidity using an array of moves, combinations, juggles, and a parrying system designed for both response and power. Feel every hit in this high-stakes battle for life.

  • Unique Engine: Each character boasts a custom fighting engine with distinctive moves.
  • Vast Arsenal: Wield swords, nunchakus, and bo staffs as you make your way through the mythical landscapes.

A Story Brought to Life

Immerse yourself in an engrossing narrative illustrated through detailed pixel-art cutscenes, pushing forward to unveil the full story.

  • Varied Adversaries: Face a diverse array of enemies, each equipped with their own combat techniques and weaponry.
  • Intense Boss Fights: Challenge formidable bosses that will test your mastery of the game’s mechanics.
  • Defensive Mastery: Parry offensive moves, projectiles, and even traps with precision.

Compete & Conquer

Aim for the top with globally uploaded high scores—see how your prowess compares to other players worldwide.

Exploration & Discovery

Seek out secret areas and unravel mysteries to fully experience the rich fabric of this adventure.

Additional Features:

  • Support in Battle: In co-op mode, players have the ability to heal one another during combat.
  • Arcade Mode: Want to jump straight into combat? Arcade mode is your ticket to instant action.

Okinawa Rush offers a perfect blend of tradition and fantasy, packed with action for PlayStation 4 enthusiasts. Prepare to be transported to a land where fighting prowess is the key to survival.

Specification: Okinawa Rush (PS4)


Brand: Merge Games

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Okinawa Rush (PS4)

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