Drakengard 3 (Playstation 3 PS3, NTSC, RPG Video Game Square Enix) Brand NEW

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• Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Drakengard series
• Prequel to the acclaimed saga, revealing origins
• Narrative-driven medieval fantasy with magic and betrayal
• Hack and slash ground combat against hordes of enemies
• Aerial dragon combat with dragon companion Mikhail
• Intense story of Intoners and their dark secrets
• New, sealed copy for PlayStation 3 collectors and fans

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**Epic Tale of Intoners and Dragons**

A Journey Through a Medieval Fantasy: Immerse yourself in a narrative-driven experience with Drakengard 3, an enthralling prequel to the acclaimed Drakengard series. Experience a tale woven with magic, betrayal, and battles.

The Story Unfolds

Enter a medieval realm where six mystic sisters, known as “Intoners,” have pacified the war-torn land with their unique abilities. These powers come from their capacity to create magic through their songs. However, chaos ensues when the eldest, Zero, embarks on a quest with her dragon Mikhail to assassinate her siblings. Contorted by a dark narrative, you must delve into Zero’s motives, the origins of the Intoners, and the depths of darkness that looms on the horizon.

**Drakengard 3 Key Features:**

  • Celebration of a Milestone: This release marks the 10th Anniversary of the much-loved Drakengard series.
  • The Prequel Experience: Delve into the beginnings of the Drakengard saga with this prequel game and uncover the series’ origins.
  • Pulse-Pounding Combat: Engage in high-energy, hack and slash combat on land, battling through waves of enemies with dynamic action.
  • Dragon-Assisted Skirmishes: Soar into the skies with your dragon companion Mikhail for intense aerial battles that add a thrilling dimension to the gameplay.

Get ready to explore a fascinating world where song and magic intertwine with Drakengard 3. Immerse yourself in the epic lore and gripping combat that Square Enix is known for delivering. Whether you are a series veteran looking to revisit the roots of the story, or a newcomer intrigued by this fantasy setting, Drakengard 3 promises an experience full of action and mystery.

Own a piece of gaming history. Discover how the legacy began with your brand new copy of Drakengard 3 for PlayStation 3.

Specification: Drakengard 3 (Playstation 3 PS3, NTSC, RPG Video Game Square Enix) Brand NEW

Package Dimensions

6.65 x 5.35 x 0.59 inches; 3.17 ounces

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Kids to Adults

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Item Weight

3.17 ounces


Salman Store

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Date First Available

June 13, 2014


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Drakengard 3 (Playstation 3 PS3, NTSC, RPG Video Game Square Enix) Brand NEW
Drakengard 3 (Playstation 3 PS3, NTSC, RPG Video Game Square Enix) Brand NEW
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