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msbitch2u ( on 22/9/15 )
LOL. Hi Gabe. You can call me Nikki by the way :) What pic? I want to see. ;)
Amy1100 ( on 27/9/15 )
Hi im Amy Gabes friend
msbitch2u ( on 29/9/15 )
Hi Amy. Holy cow Gabe! Is that really your umm... package?
Amy1100 ( on 1/10/15 )
Haha its nice and hard too so feel free to pm him he needs it
noel23 ( on 3/10/15 )
Amy1100 ( on 3/10/15 )
go away noel
drifter369 ( on 6/10/15 )
Lol. Sounds like Amy is pimping me out lol. But she has a point ;) Yes Nikki that is really my package.
Amy1100 ( on 25/10/15 )
Mmmm what do you mean by pimping you out hon *bites my lower lip with a smile*
drifter369 ( on 31/10/15 )
I don't know what i mean anymore. You're pic has caused me memory loss ;)
Amy1100 ( on 1/11/15 )
*laughs and bites my lower lip with a smile* Thank you
drifter369 ( on 1/3/16 )
Anytime sexy!
momofone69 ( on 4/4/16 )
I love your new pic sexy! I would love to get my hands on that beautiful piece of meat! ;)
momofone69 ( on 24/6/16 )
Mmmm sexy pic hon! You are by far my favorite guy to stare at!
momofone69 ( on 18/4/17 )
Still my favorite cock! ;)
andre123abc ( on 27/6/17 )
nice boobs
andre123abc ( on 27/6/17 )
Oh i have an idea of what I like for fun for sure! I get the idea every time I look at your profile ;)Which is quite frequently lol. xo

By momofone69
i want sex
Faizan-Ali ( on 22/12/17 )
For Sex, Check my profile and get every information of me.
Faizan-Ali ( on 22/12/17 )
For Sex, Check my profile and get every information of me.
msbitch2u ( on 29/10/18 )
Mmmm. Wouldn't mind riding that huge cock! ;)
drifter369 ( on 5/11/18 )
Wouldn't mind seeing that ass bouncing as you ride my shaft.
billyBIGboy ( on 7/2/19 )
msbitch2u would u love <3 to ride my BIG 13 inch cock babe xxxxx
msbitch2u ( on 28/2/19 )
Hell no Billy. You're a bisexual psycho. I like real men.
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