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Boredgamergirl ( on 30/5/19 )
Just want to make some new friends.
Hi everyone lol :)
billyBIGboy ( on 30/5/19 )
can i be ur sexy horny sex friend Boredgamergirl xxx
Boredgamergirl ( on 30/5/19 )
Omfg. Again, what part of NO don’t you get?!
billyBIGboy ( on 30/5/19 )
OMFG Again wat part of NO dont u get !!!!! Boredgamergirl xxxxxxx
Boredgamergirl ( on 30/5/19 )
Are you retard? Or just mad cause no one wants to lay you?
billyBIGboy ( on 30/5/19 )
Are you slut, whore, slag, pussy muncher, lesbo, or just mad ?????
Boredgamergirl ( on 30/5/19 )
Yea cause that makes so much sense especially since I won’t have sex with you lol.
Yea you’re just mad cause I won’t fuck you.
What a basic fuck boy.
aaaaaaak ( on 31/5/19 )
oof billy just fucken give up
Rasuchaa ( on 13/6/19 )
Welp, I start to think Billy is a horn y robot...
billyBIGboy ( on 13/6/19 )
Rasuchaa yes im always horny every day but Noooo im not a robot im 100% human xxxxxx
Rasuchaa ( on 18/6/19 )
You're a harasser. You may look for a partner to sexchat with, to roleplay with, but stop. harassing. them.
WeirdoGirl ( on 1/8/19 )
I agree... But hi BoredGamerGirl She waves to her

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