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billyBIGboy ( on 25/5/19 )
Wat evr WeirdoGirl im going to get naked now and have a long hard wank over and shoot every last drop of cum out of my balls xxxxx

WeirdoGirl ( on 25/5/19 )
Ewwww, TMI, Idfc, thirsty ass wanker that no one really likes
VisionInThePond ( on 26/5/19 )
Ew, must have a small dick to be able to cum on your balls. Lol. He just keeps proving he’s a pedophile. What a failure xD
I bet he’s just going to either say some dumb shit back or repeat what I’ve say in some form.
WeirdoGirl ( on 26/5/19 )
He most likely will xD
billyBIGboy ( on 23/11/19 )
WeirdoGirl ( on 16/12/19 )
Pretty sure my boyfriend would be sad if I did that so like no thanks
billyBIGboy ( on 9/3/20 )
WeirdoGirl i dont give 2 flying fucks what ur BF might feel at least i will be extremly happy if you kill urself and die for me !!!
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