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WeirdoGirl ( on 22/2/19 )
Everyone, let's get one thing straight (Unlike me), MY PROFILE PIC IS OF ME IN REAL LIFE WITH A FUCKING SNAPCHAT FILTER :/..... I'm 14, I'm pansexual which means I like all genders and I highly believe there are more than two genders :3..... I'm taken by someone great so you can flirt if you dare, I'll flirt back, we just won't get anywhere :3.... I act really weird that is way there is Weirdo in my name also I'm a girl xD... If you'd like to know more PM me (Go to the thing at the top of the screen (Says inbox) click new message and type in WeirdoGirl and your question :3)
WeirdoGirl ( on 22/2/19 )
Or ask me here... I don't care xD
-grendel- ( on 11/4/19 )
WeirdoGirl ( on 11/4/19 )
Ik haha
-grendel- ( on 11/4/19 )
sooooooo-ya made a forum that only you wre on for months-sorry
Chaoticly ( on 11/4/19 )
WeirdoGirl ( on 19/4/19 )
Huh? Grendal?
-grendel- ( on 1/5/19 )

töte alle Juden
WeirdoGirl ( on 3/5/19 )
warum? Sind Sie ein Hilter-Anhänger
billyBIGboy ( on 11/5/19 )
-grendel- stick a gun up ur ass hole and shoot urself in the ass and also stick a gun deep in ur throat and shoot urself in the mouth dude and do everyone a MASSIV FAVOUR and die
WeirdoGirl ( on 12/5/19 )
Yo, Billy shut up, Grendal is cool unlike you
-grendel- ( on 27/5/19 )
Ich bin bestrebt, noch besser zu sein als einst Hitler.

Billy ist der erste
WeirdoGirl ( on 27/5/19 )

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