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Gabby ( on 11/8/18 )
Type the fist letter of your name and I'll be totally honest about how I feel about you... (dont get mad)
WeirdoGirl ( on 12/8/18 )
Hardy11115 ( on 12/8/18 )
Kurddles ( on 12/8/18 )
Gabby ( on 12/8/18 )
Yes Lizzy (can I call u that?)I like you, I was a little upset when I found out about the mmyummy situation but I'm over it. It's not like u ruined lives.
Lol, anyways I think your a very nice girl. I don't think of u as a mom anymore (sorry just wasn't feeling it) I like to think of you as a sister or gbsf (girl best friend)

Updated on 12/8/18 by Gabby
Gabby ( on 12/8/18 ) actually came in this well u were cool at first but now u act weird and I was very upset about that little incident with whoever tf user was which I still think was u or framed to be u. So nah I don't like u that much anymore 1.) U don't like kurt, 2.) U r very boring with all these big words I don't understand! I'm barely 14! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Gabby ( on 12/8/18 )
Kurt! What are u even doing here? You know how I feel about you. I freaking love you dude. Your basically my ride or die, I love you so much it's hard to explain, especially since I have problems telling my emotions, lol. You take the bro and sis thing too srsly tho, jk. I'll be whatever u want us to be except enimies but that's not a option. Anyways yeah I luv u alot. Like so so so so soooooo much. 😘❀
WeirdoGirl ( on 13/8/18 )
Awwww Gabby that’s sweet and yea you can call me Lizzy
Triple0Axis ( on 23/8/18 )
First letter of my name is j
Gabby ( on 3/9/18 )
Sorry Triple0Axis I don't know you.........
billyBIGboy ( 2 weeks ago )
Gabby ( B )

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