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Shimakaze ( on 30/5/18 )
I've Reached my 666th death thanks to WeirdoGirl. Meaning that it can't be reversed or changed to 667 or higher. Due to that, I've reached full corruption and my power has increased by a lot.
Kurddles ( on 30/5/18 )
damn.... u rlly have died that many times? were most from vic?
Shimakaze ( on 31/5/18 )
Most from Vic yes. (I'll never stop hunting her). I also enjoyed being killed many times, it was like. Guilty Pleasure...
Kurddles ( on 31/5/18 )
i see *hugs u* well cool that u have more power, whats new with it, and can i see it?
Amatsukaze ( on 31/5/18 )
Not bad sis..
Kurddles ( on 31/5/18 )
i agree Ama, i rlly want to see this new power in a duel against me
WeirdoGirl ( on 4/6/18 )
I killed her a lot, just for fun tho.... *smirks*
Kurddles ( on 4/6/18 )
WeirdoGirl ( on 12/6/18 )
Kurddles ( on 19/6/18 )
WeirdoGirl ( on 20/6/18 )
Damn Kurd
Kurddles ( on 22/6/18 )
well im srry if i want 2

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