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Kurddles ( on 8/5/18 )
*sucks and licks more* like this?
Mevern ( on 8/5/18 )
-blushes and shyly nods-

Updated on 8/5/18 by Mevern
Kurddles ( on 8/5/18 )
*kisses your boobs more and gropes u* Can i also have u inside?
Mevern ( on 8/5/18 )
Mm ...yesh
Kurddles ( on 8/5/18 )
ok *rubs your clit and pussy* so warm for me
Mevern ( on 10/5/18 )
-blushes hard-
Kurddles ( on 11/5/18 )
*fingers u lightly*
Mevern ( on 11/5/18 )
-kisses you-...more~
Kurddles ( on 11/5/18 )
*kisses u back and fingers u faster*
WeirdoGirl ( on 14/5/18 )
hiiiii *accidentaly pokes your boobs*

By Kurddles

Ewww your a dirty cheater, you don't deserve Ja
Jamiy ( on 14/5/18 )
Hmmmm I see my name ....
Kurddles ( on 14/5/18 )
look we r joking it, cant i not FUCKING ROLEPLAY!!!! look Ja i love you ok just email me plz, just chat with me
WeirdoGirl ( on 16/5/18 )
She's busy dude
Kurddles ( on 16/5/18 )
Kurddles ( on 16/5/18 )
well thats all done
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